Walk-In Services

Walk-In Services In Cleveland, TN

What are the benefits of a walk-in clinic for you and your family? Number one, no appointments necessary. You can always expect excellent, custom medical care as soon as you walk through our door each and every time you visit our urgent care walk-in clinic. If you or your loved ones need medical assistance, whether it is an injury or a common cough or flu, we are your local walk-in clinic solution. 

X-Ray Services

An x-ray is not just a hospital service, here at Bradley Urgent Care it’s one of our main service line offerings. For your convenience, we have on-site x-ray tests that our team can administer to help you get answers during your time of need. Our radio-graphic testing is completed by experienced medical professionals who are able to provide you with the screening results required to move forward with your medical concern. Whether it’s broken bones or questions, we are here to help you find answers and comfort during moments of pain or fear. Visit Bradley Urgent Care the next time you need immediate x-ray care. 


If you are experiencing irregular heart activity, it may be best to stop in and have an EKG test done. An EKG is short for electrocardiogram. It is an easy and quick test administered, where one of our physicians place sticky receptors on your chest and collect your heart rhythms. It tracks your heart for around 30 seconds and reports back to the physician if there is any irregularity in your heart patterns. This type of heart test is a great option if you have prolonged, rapid heart beats, pain in your chest, or other uncommon chest symptoms. Remember here at Bradley Urgent Care, we take walk-ins with no appointments necessary, so if you are concerned about your heart health, visit our clinic today. 

Lab Services 

Bradley Urgent Care covers all your immediate needs, including medical laboratory work. We are proud to provide you with internal lab tests so you can get your results in a reasonable amount of time and without the price tag of a hospital visit. Gone are the days of you waiting for us to send your lab work to another location, instead our clinical laboratory services provide you with in-office results for your comfort and convenience. If you need lab work run, you can walk in to our Cleveland location and have lab test results completed same day. 

Sports Physicals

Sports season is the highlight of any athletes year, so whether it is spring, fall, winter, or summer, our staff is here to offer you and your family sports physicals in preparation for the next big game. If you are currently wondering, where are sports physicals near me? Life is busy and I want to avoid the hassle of arranging a doctors appointment? We have the perfect solution for you with our walk-in friendly clinic. We can complete sports physicals for all ages, during every season. So as you prepare for the upcoming sporting events, make sure to tackle this important piece for any athlete’s career. Stop by our Cleveland location for quick and excellent care. 

Occupational Health

Most jobs require certain medical records or tests upon be hired. Here at Bradley Urgent Care, we can help with your future or current employment needs. Whether you need to complete a TB test, a drug test, workman's comp, or a pre-employment physical, we can help. Our occupational health services are available to you, even for last minute walk-ins. So if it hits you last minute that you are missing a test for your employer, you can walk in to our Cleveland clinic with no appointment needed and we will take care of your occupational health needs. No stress needed, so you can focus on your career. 

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