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Urgent Care in Cleveland TN

Providing Affordable Urgent Care in Your Time of Need

We provide professional medical attention for your medical needs.

Our urgent care facility is a very professional medical office and you will notice that our staff is experience. If you are suffering from one or  numerous issues, let us know.

  • X-Rays & Diagnostics
  • Medications
  • Bruises, sprains of fractures
  • Hand and foot injuries
  • Constant coughs
  • Burns, abrasions or cuts
  • Aches and burns
  • Allergic reactions
  • Eye and Ear problems
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Urgent Care Services in Cleveland TN

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When you have an emergency and you need a doctor now, Bradley Urgent Care welcomes walk-in patients. We are an immediate, non-urgent care center focusing in all of life’s little medical emergencies and non-emergencies. At Bradley Urgent Care, we’re not just treating emergent injuries and stubborn illnesses, we’re healing the worry that comes with an unexpected health issue.

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Why come to Bradley Urgent Care?

We are set up with services and equipment like no other immediate care center in the region.

Most urgent care centers send you to the hospital for certain medical needs. At Bradley Urgent Care we can take care of those needs onsite and with care. -->